Colours – What do they mean for your brand

Uderstanding the colour psychology

Colour holds power! Colour can trigger all sorts of emotions and plays a crucial role in our lives, the psychology behind humans perceive colour.
Hundreds of studies have been conducted to find relationships between emotions and colour especially, in the fields of marketing and design.

We have summed up some key findings from these studies for you.


Color influences 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions.

Source: Review42


About 62‐90% of the product assessment is based on colours alone.



Colours increase brand awareness by 80%.

Source: Review42

Colours influence how your consumers view the personality of your brand. It’s important you get it right.

What are brand colours anyway?

Your brand’s visual identity comprises of a number of visual cues like shapes, symbols, numbers, fonts that you use etc.
But the only visual component that connects with your customer; is colour.
When it comes to your brands colour palette, colour is both emotional and practical.

A graphic designer or a business owner or a human resources executive, it’s helpful to know what colour means and symbolises for you make informed decisions. If you choose to use the colour ‘Hot pink’ for a real estate you may want to reconsider.

The Basics

Warm colours: 

Warm colours like the reds, yellows, and few variations of pink evoke warmth and make everything welcoming owing to their connection with the sun. Generally, they represent passion, love, romance, playfulness, fun & enthusiasm

Cool/cold colours: 

Cool colours like the greens, blues, purples, are usually found in nature and are known to be calming. These colours are relaxing and subdued. 

Neutral colours: 

Neutral colours like the browns, blacks, greys and whites are often paired with warm or cool colours, but they are sophisticated yet simple on their own. They can be extremely powerful and pure.

Now that you have a fair understanding on the workings of colours, let’s now get to the specifics.

What do they mean?


Red is a colour of intense emotions, rage, anger, danger, heat as well as passion, sexuality love & sacrifice. If used right, red can deliver an impactful message and increase desire.
Red is the colour of fire, blood and well as love and passion that symbolises strength, confidence and power.

Many of the Asian countries consider the colour red to represent happiness, fortune and health.

‘Nintendo Badge’ by Allan Peters

The artist here has very tastefully taken the minimalistic approach to the refresh of the Nintendo brand. He uses bold fonts and the red color, it conveys playfulness, and fun.


Pink is widely regarded as the ‘colour of feminity’ and usually used to raise awareness on various social causes like breast cancer and women’s products. Having said that, the colour pink is diverse and generalizing it can impact its meaning.

Identify the mood and what you want your viewer to be feeling, choose your pink accordingly. Don’t shy away from using pink (like T-Mobile does) as you may be targeting personality or Gen-Y rather than gender.

Thai Airways by Daniel Thamrongsut

‘Nintendo Badge’ by Allan Peters

The artist here has very tastefully taken the minimalistic approach to the refresh of the Nintendo brand. He uses bold fonts and the red color, it conveys playfulness, and fun.

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