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You’re driving a large amount of traffic to your website, alright. But are you able to convert them into paying customers?
First of all driving traffic to your website is getting difficult by the day with various platforms (like Google, Facebook etc) tweaking their algorithms every week are being saturated especially for B2b companies.

Most corporate websites lead most of their visitors to a ‘contact us’ page with a simple form asking for the visitor’s name, email etc. displaying their phone numbers, email ID etc.
Which makes it very dampening for visitors (Unless they are very interested) starting a conversation with or they would just like some pre-sales questions answered before they speak to a persuading human, however, this may create hurdles that can keep the potential customer talking to your sales guy.

As of date, customers expect a quick and personalized response (Personal, not creepy). They expect all the information about your company, products or services in quick and easily consumable bites on your website. so make sure your pages and content are well laid out and easy to understand.

 According to a study by Harward Business review: 
“If your sales team takes longer than 5 minutes to contact the person who has just completed the webform, their chances of connecting with the person decreases by 10x.”

Well, it may not be cost-effective to have a dedicated team to reply to emails from each form in under 10 mins.

Introducing AI-powered chatbots or intelligent chatbot. you can quickly turn this challenge into a solution by using a chatbot to quickly answer all (or at least most) of your visitors’ questions in real time. just like how they would normally chat with a human.
For example – a visitor visits your website and doesn’t know what product/service fits them the best the bot asks a couple of questions and recommends a product or a service that would fit your visitor the best.
A customer enters the website used car dealer the visitor is overwhelmed by the number of options. the chatbot window pops up asks him what would he use the car for, daily commute distance, budget etc. The bot shortlists a few cars for the visitor, the user then books a test drive by inputting his convenient time to visit, contact details.

Some ways you can engage with your potential customer using an intelligent chatbot:

  • Answer any queries on features or pricing or just about anything else
  • Suggest products or services
  • Help your visitors find case studies or an asset
  • Support for existing customers  
  • Capture contact details of ‘anonymous’ visitors and leads
  • Score your leads by asking relevant questions before leads are assigned to a sales rep

How do you execute
all of this?

Know your visitor

The very first step in personalising your chatbot is to know who your visitor is. you can either know your visitor by integrating an IP lookup in your chatbot to determine if its a new or a returning visitor, location, device and browser or you could just ask a question. 🙂 Also, do remember that more questions you ask, there are more chances of your potential customer dropping off.

Know their intent

Assuming we have now figured that we know who the visitor is. If the customer is new, they could be directed to the product information section. if the visitor is an existing customer, the chatbot could display current order details and ask if they’re facing any problems with any of their orders or would like more information on the product or track their order or even raise a ticket on their behalf.

Knowing the source

Piece of information that could help you customise your messaging and have context is to know the traffic source be it Facebook, google ads, organic, backlinks, webinars, seminars, direct etc.

Know what they know

With access to cookies, the bot can understand your visitors’ interest by looking at what pages, what assets, what blogs your visitor visits.
With this knowledge, the chatbot will be able to ask, answer and understand questions better.

Summing it all up

Chatbots are an interesting almost groundbreaking way of interacting and converting your anonymous web traffic into leads with abundant information about your products and services and as well as serving your existing customers with any queries that they may have, even order tracking, raising tickets… it’s just limited to one’s thinking.
You could also upsell to your existing customers.

Buy putting a bit of thought and planning into how your chatbot behaves with new and existing customers you can offer a personalised customer experience right from the first point of contact. Well, who would have thought of that?!

Making meaningful conversations with your customers the need of the hour, we at whyfi, help you enable meaningful and contextual conversations, for enhanced user experiences and faster turnaround times. To convert your engage your users in a much smarter way,

call us at +91 9980233132 or write to us at [email protected] to learn more.
At whyfi, we are a team of professional marketers who will fully utilize techniques acquired over the years of advertising experience and more to get you the most effective results.

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