Hustle – the athleisure brand for the youth of today was launched on Flipkart and Myntra.
Now, wanted to market their products on their own platform on a much bigger scale






  • Brand strategy
  • Creative
  • Web development
  • Photography
  • Social media
  • Data analytics


  • Increase sales
  • Increase engagement on social media
  • Analysis


The Brief

Hustle a fashion brand specifically selling athleisure wear having had fantastic sales figures via Flipkart and Myntra wanted to launch the brand as a standalone brand.

The challenge was the rapid rise of brands like Hritik’s HRX, Dhoni’s Seven, Yuvraj’s YWC

where the awareness was built on only celebrity value.

What Hustle needed:

  • A complete brand refresh
  • A brand ambassador
  • Campaign idea for launch
  • Create an emotional differentiator
  • Build awareness
  • Engaging social media content
  • Add price advantage to push sales
  • A fully functional ecommerce website


Case study

The Thought

— The Challenge


The idea was to position Hustle as a platform to tell the stories of the youth of today and to create a strong emotional differentiator which cannot be replicated easily.

The brand was positioned as a platform to tell the stories of the youth of today.
In order to narrate these tales of Hustle, Ranvijay Singh and his Squadrans were the brand ambassadors where each team member was a self made Hustler in real life.

Content strategy

Narrate engaging, real life and connecting stories which leads to sales and shares on social media.


We got Ranvijay Singh and his team of squardranns on board to promote merchandise across country to generate favorable word of mouth and create buzz around the brand.

Ecommerce portal

A robust and pixel perfect ecommerce portal with easy 3 click check out feature and capable of giving us meaningful data

The story

Narrating stories of self made hustlers that connects with the youth of today.
Motivating to be successful, not give up and bytes of successful hustlers   

Whyfi Communications | Case study - Design agency bangalore

Some facts

There was no place for athleisure in the Indian wardrobe till a few years back. With the spending power going up, some new trends began to emerge – Friday dressing being one.

This category is growing at 10% to 12% year-on-year.
The segment is targeting those in the age group of 20- 40 years.

We managed to get the shipping info of purchases made of Hustle merchandise and this is what we could zero down on our target audience which led to tailor-made communication for that segment:

  • Majority of the purchases made were by men aged between 19-32 years
  • Most belonged to tier 2 cities
  • To our customers, style and print mattered more than comfort or functionality

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Hustle website



What we Learnt

One of the primary reasons for success is that we were able to procure shipping data from flipkart this helped us understand who is our customer.
Starting from there, we started running ads on social media creating different personas running and learnt what set of our audiences interact with what communication.
We also used data from facebook Pixel and Google remarketing.

This helped us understand who visits our website and what products they view, helping us creating different personas for different category of products based on buying behaviour, spending patterns and other attributes.

Further learning from data, we were able to precisely target ads to our existing and potential customers, avoiding wastage.

This technique helped us increase our sales by 44% in the first quarter.

The Numbers


increase in sales

Page views

Shares & Retweets

Unique reach

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