CASE STUDY: Launch of Vadilal ice creams globally

Vadilal Ice creams is an Indian ice cream and flavored milk brand – and one of the oldest one in the country – since 1907. The company is also one of the largest processed food manufacturers in India with significant exports of frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries, and Indian breads.




Food & Beverages
Frozen food


  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Photography
  • Analytics


  • Awareness
  • Conversations
  • Sales


The Brief

Vadilal Quick Treat was grappling with the problem of brand awareness on social media and in-store promotions in 7 countries.
The brand spent monies on social media and outdoor advertising for about 3 months post-launch.

We were tasked to manage their social media presence – come up with a strategy to increase engagement and for Indians settled far away from home connect with the brand.

What the campaign needed:

  • Defining a target audience, define an ideal customer & persona
  • A theme for users to connect with the prominent Indian brand
  • A Social media strategy for potential customers to engage on social media.
  • Website refresh that seamlessly infuses with the theme
Case study

The Thought


We worked out a step by step approach and a quarterly timeline to reach our goal – engagement on social media.

Content strategy

We first came up with a theme for the brand – Indian-ness.


  • Defining a target audience
  • Defining a theme
  • Social media execution
  • Analyze and refine


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Blogs


  • Social media posts
  • Blogs written by customers about their experience with the product
  • Google ads – just for the initial traffic to the website 

What we did

 While we had a lot of things in our checklist, we had to get on the job (as the brief said) ASAP.

First things first, we wanted to define who to talk to, if you don’t define who you talk to, what’s the point even?
After a lot of research, and long calls with stores that stock Vadilal ice creams, we figured that it’s Indian families that are settled abroad usually stock items from India, which gives them a sense of belonging and home.

After a lot of research, interviews with customers, and supermarket owners. We froze on theme – INDIANESS. The theme was divided into 3 segments : Nostalgia of childhood memories, Indian festivals and culture binding all Indians living away from their country, daily posts integrating with product attributes. 

Nostalgia is a uniquely human feeling and one that is quite common. On average, we engage in nostalgia about once a week, set off by such things as a familiar scent, piece of music or old photo.
We took advantage of that and put up posts of things we did in our childhood and connect with – like Ludo, making paper planes, boats, going to the fair and what not. 

To kickstart on the job, we found just the right opportunity – the International Gujrati film festival at new jersey Vadilal sponsored the event and that helped us get a good amount of traction.

We ran simple contests with simple rules. Like and tag 3 of your Gujrati friends and win tickets to the festival – easy 🙂

The Numbers (Q1)

Unique reach

users Engaged


increase in sales

New supermarket sign ups

your budgets spent effectively & efficiently

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