CASE STUDY: Launch of CAT 320D3 GC in india

Caterpillar Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines across the world. They have been present in India since 1963.


Caterpillar Inc.




  • Launch strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Analytics


  • Bookings
  • Event attendance
  • Awareness
  • Leads


The Brief

Since we have been associated with Caterpillar for a long time now, the task of launching the CAT 320D3 GC exciting, except…due to extraordinary situations, extraordinary solutions needed to be put in place. The plan was to launch ONLINE.

CAT wanted the launch to be novel and matched with the taste of the audience from the construction industry, the brand’s primary TG. For a tangible product that is usually judged on the basis of ROI, efficiency, and ruggedness, the challenge was to launch the car through the ‘Digital First Marketing Strategy’.

What the campaign needed:

  • A 360-degree digital campaign plan
  • Social media / E-Mailers / Display ads
  • A plan campaign to engage audiences of Caterpillar dealers across India
Case study

The Thought

— The Challenge


The idea was to execute the campaign in 3 phases to instigate curiosity with teasers, then drive sign-ups for the online event, and finally, talk about the product itself to generate leads and bookings.

Our primary audience was, construction companies, contractors, dealers, construction engineers etc.

Content strategy

Tailormade communication strategy to effectively connect with various potential customers highlighting benefits & features


  • Coming soon
  • Date reveal
  • Invite for the digital event
  • Opening bookings 


  • WhatsApp
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Email
  • Industry Influencers


  • Teaser images and videos
  • 360 Degree VR videos to showcase the ease of use and comfort
  • Emails with testimonials of customers who have used CAT equipment before 
323dc gc launch case

What we did

‘DIG MORE PROFIT’ –   Ready to perform on any job & any deadline.
Conveying the promise to preform any job & save more at the same time.

We started with segmenting different categories like construction companies, architects, contractors etc.

We then went ahead and created 19 different landing pages catering to different audience and different languages.

We ran ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, whatsApp, SMS Google search & display for 2 weeks.
Ran the teaser ads in different languages leading audience different landing pages and shortlisted 6 of those based on response and then ran launch ads giving out more details. This process helped us gather a lot more sign ups compared to other similar campaigns with this brand.

On the event day a separate event page on the CAT website was created to be watched live, In addition, live telecast events were setup on Facebook and YouTube as well.

All of the 6 landing pages the landing pages that were previously meant for signing up for the event were converted into info pages intended to collect leads/ request for information and brochure downloads. All of the leads which were then transferred to a sales rep based on the customer’s location.


To further engage customers who did not watch the event live were sent emails and WhatsApp messages with a link to the recorded event which had a ‘Get in touch’ button generated more leads.

323dc gc launch
FB02 1
323dc gc launch 2
323dc gc launch 3
CAT 320D3GC Devices

The Numbers


Unique reach


Leads generated

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